How Much Filing for Bankruptcy Costs in Wisconsin

Milwaukee Attorney Explains Costs and Fees Involved in Filing for Bankruptcy in 2020

Relief from debt and a fresh start are worth the cost of filing for bankruptcy.

When filing for bankruptcy, cost is a high concern—and for many, a deciding factor on whether or not to file.

Don’t let the fear of a new bill keep you from declaring bankruptcy. The debt-relieving outcome of bankruptcy far outweighs the cost.

File for Chapter 13 bankruptcy for credit card debt

What does it cost to file for bankruptcy in Wisconsin?

In 2021 the cost of filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 is $335 and the cost of filing under Chapter 13 is $310. The filing cost is the same for a single person or a married couple. If you can't afford to pay the filing fee up front the court may allow you to make installments.

These are fees you owe to the court for simply filing bankruptcy, and are non-refundable under any circumstance (including form mistakes or case dismissal).

If you hire an attorney, you’ll have to pay additional fees for their time, but the benefits include minimizing your risk of mistakes and having your bankruptcy dismissed.

Cost of Hiring a Bankruptcy Attorney in the Milwaukee area:

Bankruptcy attorney fees vary greatly. Most Milwaukee bankruptcy lawyers charge a flat fee between $1000 and $3000 to file for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. Others charge more, especially if matters are complicated by civil judgements, medical debt, liens, or tax debt. 

Every case is unique, which is why a reputable bankruptcy attorney cannot just quote you a price over the phone. You’re better off meeting for a consultation so the bankruptcy lawyer can get a better understanding of your situation and quote you an accurate cost for their services.

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Why Bankruptcy Attorney Fees are Worth it

It may seem difficult to find extra funds in this time of distress, but payment plans can be arranged. For those people who have decided to file for bankruptcy, Milwaukee bankruptcy attorney Steven R. McDonald can provide you with specific strategies to reduce or eliminate some of your monthly bills and payments. This is one of many reasons why a lawyer is the best bet for getting your bankruptcy discharge.

Benefits of Hiring a Bankruptcy Attorney

  • A lawyer will help you understand and navigate bankruptcy law; and determine which type of bankruptcy is right for your specific case
  • They will make sure all paper work is properly filled out and ensure deadlines are met on time
  • A bankruptcy attorney eliminates the risk of making mistakes that can get your bankruptcy dismissed or jeopardize important assets
  • Your attorney will represent you in creditor meetings as well

Bankruptcy is a complex procedure. Having an attorney working your case is a smart move if you want a successful outcome.

Why Choose McDonald Law Bankruptcy Law Firm

You will be immediately comforted by Attorney McDonald’s level of experience and expertise in bankruptcy law. He will help you gain a full understanding of the bankruptcy process and what you can expect in your case, including all costs. Compassionate and dedicated to helping his clients, your experience with McDonald Law will be a great one—taking the fear and stress out of bankruptcy.

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