Filing for Bankruptcy Stops Utility Shut-Offs

Prevent Utility Disconnection by Filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

When the financial walls are closing around you, and out-of-control debt has creditors harassing you, it might feel like there’s no way out. If you fail to pay off your water, electric or gas bills, your utility company may threaten to cut off your service. A Wisconsin family facing a possible utility shutoff cannot wait for the problem to fix itself.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharges medical debtFiling for bankruptcy stops utility shut-offs File for bankruptcy to stop utility companies from shutting off services.

Oak Creek bankruptcy attorney Steven R. McDonald offers a solution. Filing for bankruptcy in the state of Wisconsin temporarily prohibits utility companies from shutting off your service.

Bankruptcy Protection Does Not Last Forever

Filing for bankruptcy puts an automatic stay on your account, stopping creditors and utility companies from demanding payments. However, this is not permanent. In the case of utility bills, you have 20 days to provide “adequate assurance” that you intend on paying future utility bills. “Adequate assurance” is essentially a deposit—you won’t be required to come current with your outstanding debt, but you will have to pay down a certain percentage to show you will make payments in the future.

Every jurisdiction is different. In some cases, if you fail to provide adequate assurance in the 20 day window, the utility company may be able to shut off your power without going through the courts. Only an experienced bankruptcy attorney in your local area knows the ins and outs of complex bankruptcy law. Schedule a free consultation with Steven R. McDonald in Oak Creek today to find out what filing for bankruptcy means for you.

Read more about what you absolutely have to know before filing for bankruptcy in Milwaukee or other locations in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Annual Utility Shut Off Moratorium

From November 1st through April 15th, the state of Wisconsin stops utility companies from shutting off services due to unpaid bills. This does not mean debt disappears, or that you will face no penalty for failing to pay off your bills. It only means the utility company cannot simply disconnect services—due to Wisconsin’s extreme cold winters.

If the April 15th deadline is approaching, and you cannot pay the utility company what you owe, you may need to consider filing for bankruptcy to keep the lights on. If you cannot work out a payment plan with the utility company, contact Steven R. McDonald to explore your bankruptcy options.

View more information on Wisconsin's energy assistance programs from the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin.

Oak Creek bankruptcy attorney stops utility disconnection Oak Creek bankruptcy attorney Steven R. McDonald helps you discharge debts and rebuild your financial life.

Oak Creek Bankruptcy Lawyer Helps you Avoid Utility Shutoffs

When your utility company is threatening to shut off services, you need the help of a local, experienced bankruptcy lawyer to inform you on all of your options and explain how filing for bankruptcy can help you. You have enough to worry about—attempting to take on utility companies on your own is not a good idea.

Oak Creek bankruptcy lawyer Steven R. McDonald understands the stress and intimidation of facing a utility shutoff. If you’re facing financial troubles on numerous fronts, filing for bankruptcy may be the best choice for you. Don’t try to file for bankruptcy on your own. Speak with Steven R. McDonald today to explore your options to stop a utility shutoff and get back on the right track.

Schedule a free consultation for filing for bankruptcy in the greater Milwaukee area today.
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